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SpnAUBigBang has opened for signups!

This big bang is for any and all fics dealing with the Supernatural characters in an alternate universe. Want to write about Sam and Dean being werewolves? Or Dean and Castiel in high school? Or how about Jo as a warrior elf queen? Any AU is allowed, so long as it takes place outside the Supernatural universe (although the Endverse and the French Mistakeverse are allowed). RPS/RPF is welcomed.

For further information, see the FAQs or Rules posts.

Draw Wincest Week is officially closed!

Dear participants and watchers, we are very grateful for your amazing works, comments and the great pleasure we have had this week thanks to all of you. It's never enough, but as a result we have 25 different terrific wincest arts, and that's great!

Despite the official end of DraWicest Week, the community stays open for posting, so you could post and PR your NEW wincest drawings here.

Thank you for staying with us!


by Imaridin

#19 - Sam Winchester's Journal

#19 - Sam Winchester's Journal

"Today, Dean came back from Hell..."

#15 "A Feast in Time of Plague"

by vongue
К фику марины ри "Чумной город"
(Sorry, guys, illustration to the fic in Russian ><)

#14 - The Ozzy Show

#14 - The Ozzy Show

"Relax Sam...Here, nobody knows we are brothers."

#13 - Live and let die

#13 - Live and let die

Warnings: Character death - blood - open fracture on full size version

We had to bury you...

#9 - Born to die

#9 - Born to die

Inspired by Lana Del Rey's CD single artwork for Born to Die.


by красный шапк